Using PowerPoint’s slide-background-fill to “cloak“ objects [Video, part 1]

Make your slides look like you used Flash

Want to make your humble slides look like you used Flash, Photoshop, or another fancy (and pricey!) Adobe tool – when you only used PowerPoint? Well here are some videos to help you do just that.

In 2013, the Duarte blog featured an animation of objects emerging from behind a line, as though rising over the horizon. And in a great 12-minute video tutorial, last month Nick Smith of showed how you can use that same effect on your own slides.

To extend Nick’s method, the 4-minute video below shows how you can reuse the effect on any slide, without having to customise it each time:

Create awesome cloaking effects

This is the 1st of 2 videos where you’ll see how to use slide background fill to create awesome cloaking effects in PowerPoint. (And here’s Part 2: Spotlight part of a picture.)

With visual effects like the ones in the video, people won’t believe you just used PowerPoint to make your slides. So that’ll really help you stand out from the crowd and get people talking about your message!

Over to you

Stand out from the crowd!

If you’ve any comments or questions about the video, please let me know. (I’m always happy to answer questions, and to thank you for joining in!)

The video that inspired me to write this post is one of many by Nick Smith. His videos show you the exact steps to follow in PowerPoint, and I especially like his 1st episode, about very professional-looking staggered animations.

Also check out


6 thoughts on “Using PowerPoint’s slide-background-fill to “cloak“ objects [Video, part 1]

  1. Hi Craig – I truly enjoyed your tutorial on using Slide Background fill for hiding objects that animate “through” the slide, and I’d love to see Part 2 as soon as you post it. Thanks so much!


  2. I’ve used another method with multiple pictures on the slide, but I’d forgotten about Slide Background fill as an option. Thanks so much for the wonderful tip. It’s simply lovely listening/watching to your tutorials – I learn what I’m to do and I admire your presentation style, pacing and method. All the best!


  3. Hey Craig, what a cool effect. Much easier and superior to my process. I’ll definitely do things your way in the future. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your process.


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