Spotlight part of a picture with PowerPoint’s slide-background-fill [Video, part 2]

Do you want to highlight part of a photo or screenshot (or other picture) as though you’ve shone a spotlight on it? In this post, you’ll see just how to do that, with the 2nd in a short series of videos on using PowerPoint’s slide background fill option.

This video was inspired by Stephanie Harnett and Diana M. So thanks to you both, because without you, this video wouldn’t exist.

Over to you

What surprising PowerPoint tips have you come across? Please share links and ideas in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight part of a picture with PowerPoint’s slide-background-fill [Video, part 2]

  1. Hi Craig! Great “how to” application of the slide background fill – very clever!!! After watching I was inspired to play around with shapes and added soft edges to add a neat effect. Thanks for sharing your creativity with the rest of us.



    • Thanks for your kind comment, Diana. And thanks for contributing the idea of using soft edges – that looks great, and it’s not an effect you can achieve using the transparency-based spotlight method that Stephanie suggested. Good tip!


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