Resources for my “capstone” project on cancer screening

Title slide saying "cancer screening in the COVID era"What’s on this page?


About this pageTop ↑

I created this page to support my final project (or “capstone”) for the 10-week “Data Analytics Accelerator” at General Assembly.

The topic I chose for my project was cancer screening, which interests me because:

  • My grandmother died of breast cancer.
  • My mother had myeloma.
  • Over the years, I’ve had 2 melanomas.

The project involved obtaining and analysing some data on the chosen topic, then sharing my findings in a live presentation.


Facts about breast cancerTop ↑

In my presentation, the facts about breast cancer on the slide below are from the Cancer Council website:

Statistics about breast cancer

To read the article those came from, you can click the link or screenshot below:

Breast cancerCancer CouncilTop ↑


Data sourcesTop ↑

My talk’s data came from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

If you’d like to read their reports on the topic – or even download the data yourself – click the links or shots below:

Cancer screening and COVID-19 in Australia
Screenshot of the related AIHW page

Cancer screening programs: quarterly dataTop ↑
– I used the 2 zipped CSV files (rather than the XLSX file)


Other resourcesTop ↑

You might also be interested in these items I’ve written about presenting data:

  • Blog posts: 3 steps to present like a dataviz rockstar – part 1 and part 2.
    Those posts feature short videos from authors and experts like:

    • Cole Knaflic – author of Storytelling With Data
    • Nancy Duarte – author of DataStory and slide:ology
    • Scott Berinato – author of Good Charts
  • PDF: In March, I gave a talk on those 3 steps to the Data Visualisation Network at Comm­Bank. If you work at CommBank too, and you’re using your CBA laptop, then on Yammer you can access the “3 steps” handout from that talk. (It was posted in this Yammer thread.)


Over to youTop ↑

Thanks for your interest in this topic!

If you’ve any comments or questions, please leave a note below, and I’d love to help.


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