Rotate meter needles in Articulate Storyline (or PowerPoint) – via David Anderson @elearning [Video to watch]

Easily rotate an object around any point

If you use either Articulate Storyline or PowerPoint, you might find this video handy. It shows you how to easily rotate an object around any point, not just its centre. So you could find this tip useful if your slides have things like meter needles, clock hands, or levers on them.

You can use the tip either to:

  • Control the angle of objects when you place them on your slide.
  • Animate objects to spin around a chosen point when people view the slide.

I was inspired to make the video after watching fab tutorials by David Anderson of Articulate. In his 9 videos (totalling 45 minutes), you’ll see all the details you need to show quiz results on a dial.

The 5th video in David’s series fascinated me

I’m new to Storyline, having developed just one course with it so far, and am learning how its states feature works. So the 5th video in David’s series fascinated me, because it uses states to show the learner’s score.

It can be tricky to place the meter needle at a certain angle though, because when you rotate any object, by default Storyline and PowerPoint rotate it around its centre. So then you have to put the needle’s end back to where you want it, which can be quite fiddly.

Using the tip in the 7-minute video below, the meter rotates around its end, so you don’t have to struggle to put it back.

(If you’d like to make the video bigger, you can click the Full screen symbol below the right end of the video’s timeline.)

I hope you find this tip useful, and I welcome your questions and suggestions in the comment box below.

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1 thought on “Rotate meter needles in Articulate Storyline (or PowerPoint) – via David Anderson @elearning [Video to watch]

  1. A reader emailed me to say they were new to Storyline and found it pretty daunting to learn. (I felt just the same when I began using it.)

    They asked if I could recommend any tutorials, and I thought I’d publish my answer here, so you can see it too:

    • I love David Anderson’s 9 videos about showing quiz results on a dial. Although they’re focused on a specific task, they total 45 minutes of video, so they cover several techniques in reasonable depth along the way.
    • I found these 20+ videos of Storyline 2’s new features really helpful. (Again, scroll down that page to see the videos.)

    I hope you find those links useful, and I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with Storyline:

    • How easy or hard have you found learning Storyline?
    • What questions do you have that I might be able to help with?
    • What tips or tutorials have you found helpful?


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