4 neat Storyline (and PowerPoint) shortcuts – help you save 8 days a year!

keyboard shortcuts for productivityIf you’re looking for keyboard shortcuts for Articulate Storyline, check out this list on their site. Or you might prefer their (slightly shorter) 1-page PDF, which prints well.

In particular, I like using Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V to copy and paste formatting between objects. (Despite the likeness to the shortcuts for Copy and Paste, you don’t need to worry about affecting what might be in the clipboard. And unlike the Format Painter, you get to choose which clicked objects get formatted, so you can work on other aspects of your course and then still format objects later on.)

Here are 3 more handy shortcuts that aren’t listed above (and which work the same in PowerPoint), plus a 4th that’s only in the longer of those 2 lists (and which differs in PowerPoint). They’re all for use in Normal view:

Shortcut in
Purpose Equivalent in PowerPoint
Tab Select objects in turn
(Shift+Tab for reverse order)
Menu key
(or Shift+F10)
Open context menu for selected object (Like right-clicking) Same
Double-click object Open object’s tab on ribbon
(Typically Format tab)
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Open Size and Position dialog box for selected object Menu key Z
(or Shift+F10 Z)

I can’t do without those 4, but for now, there’s 1 shortcut I have to do without in Storyline: I’d love to just press the Up and Down arrows (or Page Up and Page Down) in Normal view to move between slides, like you can in PowerPoint.

But sadly in Storyline version 1, you can’t. So I really hope Articulate adds that to the next Storyline release, because it’s such a hugely helpful time-saver!

In fact according to stats on American Express’s OPEN Forum website, keyboard shortcuts save you on average 2 seconds per minute of work. That adds up to a hefty 8 days per year. Sounds to me like a pretty good argument for using more shortcuts!

Your turn

What killer shortcuts do you use (or would you like added) to Storyline or PowerPoint?
Share your thoughts in the comments.

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