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Welcome, and I really hope you find something useful or thought-provoking on my presentation-skills blog.

What’s on this page?


Who am I? (30 seconds about me)Scroll to Contents ↑

My name’s Craig Hadden, and I’m an insights analyst who lives in Sydney (Australia).

Currently, the main tools I use at work are Tableau and Microsoft SQL Server – plus my old friend PowerPoint. You can see some samples of my work in my portfolio.

Presenting’s fascinated me since the early 1990s, when I built some computer-based training about PowerPoint 4 (using Visual Basic).

To put it simply:

I love the way presenting’s
both a science and an art!

I have a Graduate Diploma in Computer-Based Learning from UTS, and while studying there (more than 20 years ago), I first used some of the principles that now appear on this blog.

By the way, you’ll find the spelling around here’s UK English (or Australian English), rather than US English. (Originally, I’m from the UK.)


Your challenge, and how this blog can helpScroll to Contents ↑

When you present, you use very diverse skills:

And your presentation environment could vary hugely:

This blog’s the result of some fresh thinking – mine and other people’s

So looking at those lists, it’s easy to see why presenting’s such a challenge. That’s why you and I could do with some help, which is where this blog comes in. It’s the result of some fresh thinking – mine and other people’s (as linked to from the home page and elsewhere on this blog) – and I hope it’ll grow into a broad and handy resource.

The key things that make this blog helpful, I believe, are that it:


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  • Clicking a bold link takes you to a different page (in a new browser tab, so you won’t lose your place).
  • Clicking a non-bold link just scrolls within the current page, after which you can click Back in your browser to return.

Note: Those 2 conventions apply to links within the body text on any page, because I created those links. Other links (like Previous and Next at the top of a post, and most of the links on the home page) are created automatically by WordPress and don’t follow the same conventions.


About the blog’s lookScroll to Contents ↑

I chose the blog’s WordPress theme, or template,
mainly for its great support for pull-quotes – like this one.

The first few posts on the blog come from a long offline article, and I wanted to make the text more appealing online (where reading’s harder). So I included pull-quotes to draw your eye, like printed magazines often do.

And if you’d like to learn about the blog’s logo (shown below), please see:

My logo can help you be a better speaker – here’s how

Equilateral triangle with one angle coloured red, another coloured green and the third coloured blue


Why the name Remote Possibilities?Scroll to Contents ↑

The name of this blog’s a play on words, and I’ve always liked wordplay.

  • On the one hand, “remote possibilities” means “slim chances”, which reflects how it can often feel when trying to turn the tide of terrible presentations.
  • But the other meaning is “opportunities with a remote control” – which is the optimistic flipside of the situation.


Over to you!Scroll to Contents ↑

Thank you for visiting, good luck with your speaking, and please leave a comment if you find a post that helps you, or that you’d like to improve, or that you disagree with!

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8 thoughts on “Me & this blog – and you

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  2. Hi Craig, I’ve just arrived here & am impressed!! Was reading a comment of yours that I very much agreed with on Sam Horn’s blog so that made me pop on over to see what else you’ve got to say.

    My initial interest today is about how to tell others what I do and what my business is all about in a way that grabs your attention, engages you further and is inspiring.

    I seem to be able to manage this in a more lengthy way (ie; when the person actually really wants to know about me for a particular reason and then my passion is something these people never fail to comment on, as well as how inspiring it all is). However as yet I haven’t needed the short version but that time is getting closer now and I’m still not able to find those words!

    I’m going to give your method a go now that I’ve found you.

    After reading about your background here I am pleased to see you’re in Sydney. I’ve just moved back here after 2 yrs in Melbourne. Happy to be “home” 🙂

    Also that you have a background in Computer-Based Learning. This got my attention immediately. I’m working towards launching an online academy which is ALL about computer based learning. I’ve spent a number of years and invested a huge amount of money in my own training & up skilling to be able to finally create my online academy so computer based learning has been at the forefront of this. I will be using every possible tool I’ve learned (& lots of fabulous website plugins and other software) to make what I teach about as interesting and fun as possible (for me too :).

    So thanks for this great blog to support what I love…your content is great and the blog design really appeals to me rather keen eye for design (having had 16 yrs as a design, web and exhibition consultant in my own business until a couple of years ago & worked in the magazine industry prior to this so I’ve always worked with design professionals).

    All the best, and I look forward to reading more of your blog (and working through the process you’ve outlined).



    • Thanks so much for your very kind words, Lyn. It’s great to hear that you’ve found the content here helpful.

      Have you heard of Brendon Burchard? He’s an entrepreneur who runs Experts Academy online. You can see one of his videos here on my blog. I hope you find his work inspiring.

      I tried visiting your site but it looks like it’s not yet live. Do let me know when it’s all up, and I’d be very keen to have a look – and perhaps to leave a comment or two!


      • Hi Craig,

        Thanks for your reply 🙂 Yes! I have heard of Brendon Buchard, he’s awesome. I love his videos and they do inspire me (beyond measure).

        No my site isn’t up yet and my rather poorly tossed together coming soon page there right now is the antithesis of what’s in store. It’s all going to change though.

        Thank you 💗 I’ll definitely let you know when I’ve launched. I’d appreciate and value your feedback enormously.

        I’ll be back here often, love your work!

        Blessings 🙏


    • Thanks Sheila! Lately I’ve been wishing I’d used a name that gives a better clue as to the blog’s content, but like you I’m also fond of the double meaning in the name I’d settled on.

      It’s certainly good to get your positive feedback on it.


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