6 of the world’s best blogs for presenters

If you’re looking for world-class blogs to help you present, here are 6 of the very best

  • Speaking About Presenting

  • Screenshot of “Speaking About Presenting”http://speakingaboutpresenting.com/
    Blogger: Olivia Mitchell
    Posting frequency: Sadly there’ve been no new posts since February 2012 – but the site has years of archives, and Olivia is still publishing readers’ comments.

    To me, Speaking About Presenting has some of the world’s best content on the topic, and also includes many useful comments from other top bloggers. Two of the blog’s real strengths are that the content is so concise, and so well thought out.

  • Six Minutes

  • Screenshot of “Six Minutes”http://sixminutes.dlugan.com/
    Blogger: Andrew Dlugan
    Posting frequency: About 6 per month

    Named after the length of a typical speech at Toastmasters, in my view Six Minutes is another of the world’s top blogs about presenting. Of all its features, among the best are the detailed & balanced critiques of well-known speeches. Andrew has gone to great lengths on those, sharing colour-coded transcripts of several of the speeches to highlight aspects such as stories and rhetorical questions.

  • Presentation Expressions

  • Screenshot of “Presention Expressions”http://presentationexpressions.com/
    Blogger: Carl Kwan
    Posting frequency: About 4 per month

    Presentation Expressions specialises in short videos that demonstrate techniques in a clear and engaging way. Very usefully, most posts also include a transcript and – unusually – a downloadable copy of the video in case you want to watch it offline.

  • Great Speaking Coach

  • Screenshot of “Great Speaking Coach”greatspeakingcoach.com
    [Link removed – blog’s no longer online]
    Blogger: Susan Trivers
    Posting frequency: About 6 per month

    On Great Speaking Coach, Susan Trivers offers fantastic, well-tried advice. In particular, I believe her approaches to storytelling and to structuring presentations are priceless.

  • Manner of Speaking

  • Screenshot of “Manner of speaking”http://mannerofspeaking.org/
    Blogger: John Zimmer
    Posting frequency: About 6 per month

    Manner of Speaking has been around since 2009 and contains extensive archives. Many of the posts feature videos of speeches, so you can see and hear great examples of the points John’s discussing.

  • Speaking PowerPoint

  • Screenshot of “Speaking PPThttp://speakingppt.com/blog/
    Blogger: Bruce Gabriel
    Posting frequency: On average 3 per month

    The Speaking PowerPoint blog contains some very perceptive and innovative content from the author of the book with the same name. As well as the written posts, check out Bruce’s series of video tips for more great ideas.

Now that I’ve listed some of my favourite blogs, it’s

Over to you

  • Of all the blogs you’ve seen, which are your favourites, and why?
  • Of the blogs in this post, which aspects do you like most, and why?

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11 thoughts on “6 of the world’s best blogs for presenters

  1. Hey Craig, any chance you can update the info about my site? It has had new content every week since March of this year. And Liam hasn’t been a part of the site for a number of years now. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for posting this; I too was sad to see Olivia Mitchell’s blog taper down. Her Presenting By Boxes method transformed my brainstorming approach and I share an adaptation of it with all of my workshop students.

    I would love to put my humble yet growing blog’s name in the hat as well. I offer presentation and data visualization strategies for the digital analytics and marketing communities. It’s here at LeaPica.com.

    Keep up the wonderful content!


    • Thanks Lea. You’re very welcome to share a link to your blog here, as a couple of other bloggers have done.

      I enjoy reading your posts, and I encourage other visitors here to check out your content too.

      By the way, you might also be interested in this list of related blogs that have gone to the wall over the years. It’s both sobering and in a way encouraging, in that we’ve kept going!

      So please feel free to add more comments and links on my site, and I’ll continue to do the same on yours, as blogs are much stronger together than alone. Thanks for your support!


      • Welcome to the blog Rosie, and thanks for the link. I’ve no plans for another post like this as yet, but I’m interested to see how the Pres Guru site develops over the years.

        (One thing I’d say is, to me it’s a pity that visitors need to click a button to see any comments left on a Pres Guru post, and to reveal the comment form. That small obstacle will tend to limit visitor engagement, and may make the site a bit less “sticky” as a result.)


  3. Hi Craig,

    We’re (relatively) new kids on the block, but do check out our blog on Authentic Presentation. (I know that you’ve already read one of our recent pieces). We’re adding new content all the time and looking to add a fresh perspective.




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