200,000 views – and counting!

I owe you and other readers here a huge


Thank you for your part in taking this blog to over 200,000 page views, which happened just now.

When I started Remote Possibilities in November 2011, I never dreamed it’d clock up that many views over time. It’s also amazing to me that I’ve been blogging for 3½ years now.

After all, over those same years, it’s sobering to realise how many great public-speaking blogs have ground to a halt, like these 10:

Dormant blog Most recent post
Advance Your Slides 2014 (August)
Great Speaking Coach 2015 (April)
Magic of Public Speaking 2013 (July)
No Bullets 2014 (May)
Phil Presents 2013 (March)
PowerPoint Ninja 2013 (January)
Presentation Expressions 2013 (September)
Six Minutes 2013 (September)
Speak for Yourself 2013 (November)
Speaking About Presenting 2013 (August)

2013 was a catastrophic year for public-speaking blogs!

By the look of it, 2013 was a catastrophic year for public-speaking blogs! And by extension, it was likely bad for the blogs’ readers, as some of their best sources of presentation help dried up.

So on Remote Possibilities, I’m glad to have settled on a once-a-month posting frequency. To many people, that might seem very low, but it’s a schedule I can realistically achieve – over the long term. And with your continued support, I plan to keep doing so.

In November 2012, I wrote a list of 6 of the world’s best blogs for presenters. Today, all but 2 of them are no longer publishing new posts (though you can still read all their archives). Those 2 remaining blogs are:

Manner of Speaking is especially inspiring: Phenomenally, in its 6 years online to date, it’s had almost 1.4 million views. When it got to 500,000 views back in October 2012, owner John Zimmer wrote:

“People often ask how much time I spend on the blog.
The simple answer is: a lot.”

John’s published many times more posts than the 68 I have so far, but I still know what he means. So without your support by reading and commenting, I wouldn’t still be doing this! That’s why again I say “thanks” for making my work on Remote Possibilities so rewarding, and I hope you find it worthwhile too!

As always, if you’ve any comments or questions about presenting or presentation software, I’d love to hear from you to continue the conversation.

Here’s to the next 3½ years!


4 thoughts on “200,000 views – and counting!

  1. Craig, I’m not sure why it took me so long to find this post, but thank you for the kind words and congratulations on what is now an old milestone. I have no doubt that other milestones are on their way; indeed, I suspect that some of them have already been reached!


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