Revealed: Who uses this blog most? (1st birthday news at Remote Possibilities)

As I write, this week marks the 1st anniversary of the Remote Possibilities blog. It’s you who (with other visitors from over 120 countries) have made this project successful, by reading, Liking, linking, commenting, subscribing, tweeting, and otherwise sharing the content. So to you and all the other visitors who’ve made this venture so worthwhile, I say:

Thank You!

Visitors to this blog – top 20 countries

I thought you might be interested to see where most visitors come from, so here’s a chart of the top 20 countries. Click it if you’d like to zoom in. (WordPress just started publishing country stats in February, so the chart relates to the last 9 months, rather than all 12.)

As you can see if you zoom in, more than 4 times as many visits have come from the US compared with the next highest country, which is India. There’s also a big step from 5th to 6th place, as more than 2x as many visits came from Canada than from Spain.

Yet despite the dominance of North America in the stats, I (coming from the UK originally) still like to use UK English, by writing “colour”, “minimise”, etc. So I suppose that’s one area where I keep having trouble being audience-focused!

Anyway, thanks again for your part in this blog, which has kept me writing. Here’s to our continued partnership over the next year and beyond, and to widening the readership even further past 120 countries!

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Over to you

  • Which aspects of presentation skills have you focused on in the last year?
  • What blogs or other resources for presenters can you share?
  • I’d love to hear where you’re from

2 thoughts on “Revealed: Who uses this blog most? (1st birthday news at Remote Possibilities)

  1. Hi Craig,

    Its amazing how social media works! It’s so powerful and smart and connects the whole world as one unit.

    I stopped by to wish you a Happy 1st Anniversary for your blog and my hope for you to get more exposure and success. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you and Be Blessed,



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