Dance vs PowerPoint (From the creator of Dance Your PhD!) [Video]

TED talks are often extraordinary, and this one’s certainly no exception!

I wonder whether this idea will ever take off? Used sparingly, performing arts could be a very effective (and memorable!) alternative to traditional presenting.

What do you think??

2 thoughts on “Dance vs PowerPoint (From the creator of Dance Your PhD!) [Video]

  1. What great illustrative possibilities! Having been a member of a modern dance troupe in my college days, I’d love to keep dancers employed as educators and presenters. 🙂


    • Thanks Robin, and welcome to the conversation!

      I think something like this would go well with a couple of big brands. For instance, Apple springs to mind after the passing of Steve Jobs. With the popularity of iPods for music, photos and video, and most “arty types” seeming to prefer Macs, it seems like a pretty good fit to me – a point of differentiation.

      And here in Aus, even a couple of the big banks sponsor the arts, so what better way to show their support than for their CEO or CMO (or even – heaven forbid – their CFO!) using dancers, mime artists, or graphic recorders to illustrate their talks?


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