Best blogs for presenters & public speakers – 2016 edition

To find public-speaking wisdom, do you go to specific blogs? I certainly do. In fact, 3 years ago, I published a list of 6 of the world’s best.

But a lot’s changed in 3 years, and some of the blogs on my original list have gone belly-up. (In fact, you can still access most of those, but they don’t publish anything new.)

So I thought you might appreciate a fresh list.

Mind you, given that I’ve also listed 10 extinct public-speaking blogs, it’s not easy to find contenders.

If you have any ideas for others you’d like to see mentioned, by all means leave a link in a comment. Thanks, and happy browsing!

  • Craig Valentine was the 1999 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. I especially value his highly audience-centric approach, and his knack for coining extremely “sticky” phrases that are hard to get out of your head! His blog’s also an excellent place to look when you want tips on using storytelling or humour in your talks.


  • Speak Up for Success is written by Jezra Kaye, of New York city. Unusually for a public-speaking blog, there’s even a category on job interviews – which offers excellent advice. In fact that was some of the first content I read on Jezra’s site. Among other things, she also offers great insights if you’re an introvert or extravert who speaks in public.


  • Diane Windingland’s a Distinguished Toastmaster whose blog’s called the Virtual Speech Coach. She offers tons of down-to-earth, usable advice, and shares her excellent Killer Keynote Speech Structure in a PDF, which you can freely access without even being asked for your email address.


  • Lisa Braithwaite’s been blogging almost every month since October 2006, and I enjoy the open and conversational style of her writing. Speak Schmeak is a treasure trove of posts.


  • Incredibly, Ken Molay’s been writing at The Webinar Blog since December 2005 – almost without missing a month! His blog is a go-to resource for extremely practical and well-tested advice on all aspects of presenting online, as well as on broader speaking topics.


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