See what Toastmasters is like, right now! [Video]

Are you (or a non-Toastmaster friend) curious about Toastmasters? If so, watch this professional 5-minute video to see for yourself what their meetings are like. What a quick, easy and risk-free way to check if you’d like to take the next step – visiting a club in person (at no cost).

Recently I joined a Toastmasters club near me in Sydney, and I certainly recommend it. I didn’t find this video until afterwards, though, so I must admit the meeting format surprised me when I visited.

That’s because it’s quite formal, with people assigned roles like chairperson, timer and sergeant-at-arms (I’m still not sure what that is!), so it felt quite old-fashioned and not what I’m used to in business. Still, everyone was so friendly, and there was a lot of laughter – which is always a great sign in any group!

In the club I’ve joined, many people are young to middle-aged professionals, and others are retirees. Also, although most members are native English speakers, several people are from non-English-speaking backgrounds. I like that mix.

I’ve heard people suggest visiting several clubs to see which one suits you, which sounds like a good idea. So if you have a few Toastmasters clubs near you, you can take your pick, and even join more that one if you want! After all, so much depends on the mix of people who happen to join a particular club.

Over to you

I hope you enjoy this video, and that it encourages you to visit a Toastmasters club. To find a club near you, go to

I’d love to hear your own views on the video or Toastmasters, so by all means use the comment box below.

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11 thoughts on “See what Toastmasters is like, right now! [Video]

  1. Hi Craig,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. Providing a video is a great way to spread the word.

    If any one is still hesitating to join or even just visit a meeting, I recommend my article

    Toastmasters changed my life for the better and I think it can help almost anyone from any walk of life!


  2. Nice post!! I’ve been thinking of joining Toastmasters, especially since I’ll be presenting at DevLearn. Very relevant for me. Thanks!


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  4. I think that video is brilliant. It definitely gives a clear view of the roles involved. When I attended a couple of the Toastmasters speaking competitions, you certainly get a sense of community and the desire to improve with several workshops available over that weekend. Toastmasters is certainly a comfortable place to develop public speaking skills.


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