Intrigue people when you present (F!RST framework – part 1i)

Don’t let people’s minds wander – make them wonder! Tweet this

keyboard key saying “top secret”

Intriguing your audience means in effect you set up some kind of mystery, which makes people look to you to solve it. So they focus sharply on what you’re about to say in your talk. This anticipation has 3 clear benefits: Continue reading


Answer people’s key question – which they never ask! (F!RST framework – part 1A)

Question Mark Key on Computer Keyboard

You’re probably wondering what the key question is – which is good, because that’s keenly focused your attention!

The key question is what every audience silently asks of every presentation. Tweet this

What do you think that burning question is? It’s this: Continue reading

3×7 tips to rivet people when you present (F!RST framework – part 1: Focus attention)

How this series can help you

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When presenting, you likely already know how hard it is to keep people’s attention. After all, distractions like their mobile phone, email, or even just their thoughts are rarely far away.

(For context, please see the overview of the F!RST framework)

In this series of posts, you’ll find 3 “core tips” you can use to keep your audience riveted to your talk. Those core tips include over 20 clear-cut actions you can take, with examples of how you can apply them. So, you’ll keep your audience far more engaged, making it much easier for you to persuade them and to achieve your talk’s goal. Continue reading

5 ways to be a top presenter – meet the F!RST framework

Your challenge

Think about it – I bet many of the presentations you sit through are either a bit dull, or just plain awful, right? (We’ve all seen those!)

But wait a second

What are you doing to radically distance
your presentations from those?

It’s tough, because you likely use basically the same software, skill-set and approach as roughly 99% of presenters. So unless you take clear steps, sadly your audience will see your work as being just the same as all the rest!

The F!RST framework (simply pronounced “first framework”) gives you those steps Continue reading