Banish bullets – prove you’re a pro! [@NolanHaims video]

Bullet casings strewn on the groundYou’ve probably heard that if you base most slides on bullet points, you’ll bore people. (Making you and your message less effective.)

But what can you do instead?

Well, below is a great 45-second clip of ideas for you:

That’s from design expert and Microsoft PowerPoint MVP Nolan Haims. I love how he uses Morph transitions to walk you through 3 options to improve your bullet points:

You might think those improvements are just too hard. (After all, they get more and more time-consuming as you look down that list.)

But wait. That works in your favour! Why? Because nearly all presenters feel that way, which means they leave their bullet points just as they are.

So, if you improve your slides (using any of the 3 options above), you’ll stand out – for all the right reasons!

In fact, there’s a 4th option you can add to the ones listed above. Namely, you can “chunk” your bullet points by replacing them with shapes.

And I’ve some good news for you: PowerPoint can even do much of that work for you. To see how, check out this 5-minute clip, which starts where the last one left off:


Over to you

As you saw, banishing bullets from your slides needn’t be very hard. So why not give it a go for you next presentation? (I’d love to hear how you get on!)


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2 thoughts on “Banish bullets – prove you’re a pro! [@NolanHaims video]

    • Yeah, as someone who always used to use diagonal callout lines, it’s amazing how much better they look when they’re vertical and/or horizontal! And putting little dots or rings on the end is another tip I got from pro designers.

      Thanks for the comment, and I look forward to seeing some callouts in a future talk of yours!


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