After 10 years (and almost a million views), it’s time for a change

Candles on a tenth birthday  cakeFor the last 10 years, I’ve been posting once a month (or more) on this blog.

Now, with 150 posts and almost 1,000,000 views under my belt, it feels like time for a change. That’s why from now on, I’ll post less often than before.

I’m still fascinated by public speaking, data visualisation, and business communication in general. And I believe people’s need for help and inspiration in those fields is just as great as ever. So I’m sure you’ll find new tips and videos shared here from time to time.

You could say:

“It’s not goodbye, it’s just au revoir

So until the next time, all the best with your presentations. And as this blog’s header-image says:

“Here’s to better presenting!”


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