From numbers to narrative – 4 keys of data storytelling [Video]

Data dashboard shown on a laptopWhen you’re preparing a data-rich talk, where could you learn to get your message across better?

In my opinion, you couldn’t do much better than watching the 55-minute video below, by Isaac Reyes. (The first 45 minutes or so consist of Isaac’s talk, and the rest is him answering questions.)

Isaac’s a data scientist, and the video’s from ODSC Europe 2018 (Open Data Science Conference).

The talk describes these 4 keys of data storytelling:

  • Audience
  • Data
  • Visuals
  • Narrative

I love that the audience comes first in this model. As Isaac puts it:

“The very first thing I do is figure out who is my audience
and what is the big takeaway for them”
Isaac Reyes, at 1:32

The talk (and Q&A session after it) are full of gems. So, if you ever need to persuade your audience with data storytelling, I highly recommend you watch it.


Over to you

I’d love to hear what tips you got from the talk. Feel free to have your say in the comments below (or on social media). Thanks for watching!


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