Make killer PowerPoint presentations in 7 clear steps (Free e-book by Olivia Mitchell)

Quick quiz: In a 7-step method for building killer PowerPoint presentations, at which step would you make the slides?

Step 1? …Step 2? …Step 3?

Any advance on step 3?

Well in this tried-and-tested method by presentation expert Olivia Mitchell, you may be staggered to hear you don’t make the slides until

Step 7!

Yes, you got it – the very last step!

The steps start like this:

  1. Craft your key message.
  2. Identify your audience’s questions.
  3. And so on.

Olivia has refined her method while working as a presentation-skills trainer for over 10 years, and being a Toastmasters member for 8 years. And luckily for us, she’s summed up her knowledge in a free hands-on booklet.

At just 12 pages, her guide’s a snap to read, yet each step describes real examples that make the method come to life. And, for more details, most steps have links to her superb blog posts.

To me, Olivia’s one of the world’s best bloggers on presenting. Unfortunately her blog’s been quite inactive since early 2012 (at the time of writing) but you’ll still find dozens and dozens of great posts on her site, and you can still get her guide.

So, would you like to make your talks more interesting, as well as more effective? And when you prepare, do you want to spend your time more efficiently? If so, download Olivia’s guide and start reaping the benefits – and sharing them with your audiences!

Over to you

  • Have a read of Olivia’s guide, and let me know what you think.
  • If you use a different presentation method or framework (like Beyond Bullet Points or Presentation Zen), how does it compare?

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