“Analog” presentation tips #2: Use a prop [Video to watch]

Want to connect more with your audience? And want your talk to stand out and be remembered, too? In this short series of posts, you’ll get many neat tips from expert presenters on using “analog” techniques – that is, without electronics – to help you reach those key goals.

That’s how I introduced the 1st post in this series.

Make a point far more strongly…

In this post, you’ll see superb use of a prop to make a point far more strongly than a slide alone ever could. The presenter uses a few slides and video clips, certainly, but he doesn’t let them upstage him. That in itself’s a huge takeaway from this talk!

The presenter is Jamie Oliver, who as one of TV’s most famous chefs is well used to using props (usually food!) instead of slides. But you and I – who are no doubt far more used to presenting with slides than with props – could still have an impact like the one in the video below, even in an everyday business or educational setting.

The key is to use a prop that’s
relevant to your message –
and preferably central to it. Tweet this

So I hope you enjoy the video – the clip below is 70 seconds long. (Or, you can watch all 22 minutes on YouTube.)


8 more videos for you…

Lots more inspiration about using props

For lots more inspiration about using props – plus 10 tips for using them yourself – I also highly recommend John Zimmer’s post Ten Tips for Using Props in a Presentation (8 of which are illustrated by video clips). And what’s more, John’s previous post – How Do Props Help a Presentation? – gives another 2 great examples, this time in written form. (While you’re there, it’s well worth browsing around John’s blog, which has tons of excellent content!)

So I urge you – look for suitable opportunities to use props in your talks. You and your message will have so much more impact as a result.

Over to you – please comment below

  • How effective do you think Jamie Oliver’s use of a prop was?
  • What props might you use in your own talks?


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