Manage projects with Excel and PowerPoint, by MVP Glenna Shaw

Want to manage a fairly small project by using Microsoft Office? Well here’s a neat how-to article written by PowerPoint MVP Glenna Shaw that’ll give you a great start. In it, you download her sophisticated Excel spreadsheet so you can track your project’s tasks, milestones, resources and risks. Then, you follow Glenna’s steps to adjust the spreadsheet to your needs, and to link it to PowerPoint so you can present your latest project plan in style!

This is 1 of 4 chart types the spreadsheet creates for you:

In fact the 4 chart types in the spreadsheet are:

  • Schedule performance
  • Cost performance
  • Milestones
  • Resource workload

So, here’s the article: Tracking projects with Excel and PowerPoint.

Thanks to Glenna and the folks at the MVP Award Program Blog for sharing such superb resources!


Over to you

  • What issues do you face when you present project plans to stakeholders?


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