How to link to any slide in a slideshow shared on Brainshark

As you might know, is a slide-sharing website a bit like and What you might not know is that when you give someone a link to a slideshow shared on Brainshark, you can link to any slide – not just to slide 1. And, you can control whether the slideshow starts by itself or waits for the person to click Play.

For instance, suppose you want to link straight to slide 12 of a slideshow and force it to wait until Play is clicked. To do that, just add ?sld=12&pause=1 to the end of the link, as you can see below:


Note that if the link contains either /vu/ or /vu?, you need to use &sld= instead of ?sld=. On the Brainshark website, you can find more details, including other parameters you can add to links.

(Sadly, when you link to a given slide, you can’t use a link-shortening service like, unlike when you link to a given page of a PDF document.)

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Over to you

So, if you use Brainshark, I hope you find this tip handy.

  • Do you use Brainshark and/or other slide-sharing sites?

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