How to link to any page in a PDF – say, from your presentation’s electronic handout

chain links 2 (shallow focus)Here’s a tip for content to put in your handout: Give people links to useful resources, like to PDF documents on the web. And not only that: When you link to a PDF, did you know you can easily link to any page? So, no more sending people to page 1 and making them find the right page themselves!

When you link straight to the right page, you get 3 clear benefits:

  • Your audience will love you, because you’ll save them time and effort.
  • You’ll come across as professional and tech-savvy.
  • You’ll save time, by referring to existing material instead of recreating it.

Want to see an example? Well, to link to page 7 of a PDF, all you do is add #page=7 to the end of the link, something like this:

And that even works with link-shortening services like, as you’ll see in this link to the same page:

So next time you create a handout, why not include 1 or more links to take people straight to the relevant page in a published PDF? If you do that, your audience will thank you, you’ll come across as a real pro, and you’ll have less content to write. Not a bad payoff just for adding a few characters to a PDF link!

Over to you

  • What other ways can you think of for using links, or PDFs, effectively?

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Giving people a handout (after your talk) is a neat way to present less content (during your talk), and both of those actions help you to focus people’s attention and influence them towards achieving your talk’s goal.

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