When’s a table not a table? When it’s a series of striking stats! [Video]

Want to turn a table of dull data into visually and emotionally striking stats instead? The 3½-minute video below shows you how, with before-and-after slide shots to bring it all to life.

Prefer to read how, instead of watching? See this post, which has 7 slide shots to show you how, as well. (That post also has a link to the video on YouTube, and even a downloadable copy in case you can’t access YouTube just now.)

Or, you can click the video below to watch it here:

This is just one of many great videos brought to you by Carl Kwan and Liam Lusk of PresentationExpressions.com. As I’m sure you’ll agree, their clips quickly and clearly show you many presentation techniques in a very refreshing and inspiring way.

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Over to you

  • Can you recommend any sites for presentation tips or videos?
  • How do you tend to show numbers on your slides?

2 thoughts on “When’s a table not a table? When it’s a series of striking stats! [Video]

  1. Great approach that not only avoids ‘fugly’ tables but helps the presenter make impactful points by calling them out one at a time. In this example the speaker could weave a story around the three modes of transportation and the changes in their frequency.


    • Thanks Susan. I like your idea of weaving a story around the points, which lends itself to a series of slides, rather than to a table presented all on 1 slide.

      Carl & Liam’s blog has lots of excellent posts, and I’m sure they’d like to hear your suggestion too.


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