Boost testosterone – present better! (Regardless of your sex) [Video to watch]

Here’s how to exude confidence (and feel it too) when you present. Amazingly, it comes down to the quickest and easiest type of preparation you’re ever likely to do!

The fast-moving and fascinating 18-minute video below shows you the way, based on remarkable research into the hormonal effects of body language.

Amy Cuddy of Harvard Business School says you and your audience both win – just by you spending 2 minutes in a private “power pose” before your talk.

Note: Amy Cuddy’s research has since been strongly challenged. However, when I’ve tried power poses before giving a talk, they seem to help, so perhaps there’s a placebo effect happening!

If you’d like to read the research paper related to this video, please see the link in the comment below.

Short of time to watch? Then jump into the video ½-way through to see the outcomes of the study, including what to do when you have just 5 minutes to prepare a talk!

Can’t access YouTube right now? Watch it on Vimeo instead.

Please have your say in the comment box below.

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13 thoughts on “Boost testosterone – present better! (Regardless of your sex) [Video to watch]

  1. “My Silly Smile” or “How not to be a zombie”

    I am a zombie-fighting wedding photographer. Most people have wedding albums filled with zombies in their group photos. Your family and friends seemed alive but something turned them into zombies in your wedding photos.

    Since I don’t have 20 minutes at a wedding to present “how smiling helps you feel good and be present,” I model “feeling happy,” by showing the zombie people being photographed “my silly smile.” “My silly smile” helps people relax and nonverbally directs them because verbal suggestions don’t always compute (just being able to follow simple directions takes people out of their temporary depression/ regression/ I always take a terrible picture/ zombie mode and moves them into feeling competent and present).

    Now instead of feeling uncomfortable, the photo sessions become a fun part of the day. Instead of fake it till you make it, it’s really fake it till you become it. This will help your family and friends be more comfortable, have more fun and be more present at your wedding.

    Barry the zombie-fighting wedding photographer or


  2. Before I compete in speech competitions, I’ve always walked around a bit and I find I always want to stretch my arms up too. I love this video and I will be incorporating these findings into my life!


  3. Last weekend I had to present all-day, 2 workshops separated by just a lunch. In the first workshop, I did the typical ice breaker warmup because it was the top part of the day and we were all going to be with each other the entire day. What’s interesting to me is that I chose an ice breaker I called My Tribe. Participants were sitting in groups already because of the table configuration and I just gave them a challenge to write down as many things they all had in common as possible in the space of 3 minutes. I introduced the task by making reference to the popular reality game tv shows that have groups of people in tribes, and I demonstrated how the host always stands there with his hands on his hips broadcasting how each team is doing in relation to each other. I was standing in that Wonder Woman power pose, and I walked around a little bit like that to make sure they were all familiar with the setting in which they were going to compete.

    I started the timer and the tribes started their task; to keep the pressure on I walked around the room calling out the progress of how many items were on the lists. For the entire 3 minutes, I moved throughout the room, hands on hips, speaking over the top of groups chattering among themselves. And when the timer went off, I debriefed by pointing to the teams and asking for their information. A short while later, while I was in the next activity I felt the surge of power. I felt it so strongly that I was sure it was streaming throughout the room from person to person and I even asked the question about how we could bring that feeling of excellence back to our everyday work experience. I had assumed then that we (presenter and participants) had created that feeling based on our mutual contributions to the discussion. But now I realize that it was the power-posing and I was happy to share/credit the power with others.

    Bravo! I’m so glad that I watched Amy’s presentation! Thank-you Craig and Jeff.


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